Yoga for lower back pain is a great way to heal both the mind and body. Here are 12 of the best yoga poses for lower back pain (and a few videos to get you started!).

Is yoga good for lower back pain?

Yoga stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body. Even basic poses offer a wonderful foundation to build muscle strength and flexibility, develop a strong core, and reduce back pain. Carving just 15 minutes from your day to move and breathe could help you reduce your lower back pain.

Because we now recognize that pain comes with not only physical but also mental and emotional challenges, yoga for lower back pain is also an excellent practice for stress reduction and relaxation.

Recent research into yoga for lower back pain

Even though yoga has been in practice for thousands of years, its benefits can be challenging to quantify. Here are some of the most recent findings on the benefits of yoga for lower back pain.

For patients seeking the mental and emotional benefits of yoga, yoga increases relaxation, improves mental health, helps concentration, and increases mindfulness. Further, there are no drug interactions or side effects to this practice, and everyone can access yoga for lower back pain safely, regardless of age or fitness level.

Can yoga make lower back pain worse?

In general, deep forward fold poses are not advised for people with acute and painful backs or directly after surgery. A physical therapist can help you transition into poses that support healing.

In some cases, yoga for lower back pain can actually make pain worse (and may cause additional damage). Proceed with caution if you have:

  • An acute injury that is causing extreme pain
  • A bulging or herniated disc
  • Sudden, extreme, unexplained back pain

Although your spine is beautifully strong and designed to support your body, when it is vulnerable and injured it’s best to talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

If you do get the all-clear from your doctor, consider taking a beginner yoga class to improve alignment. Listen to your body, too. If any posture causes sharp pain, back off and try something