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Meet Dr. Paul Lynch

Dr. Paul Lynch, co-founder of talks about why he has a passion for pain management, his biggest success and what he likes to do in his free time.

For all of his range of experiences and contributions as a pain doctor and researcher, one of Dr. Lynch’s proudest accomplishments is the 2008 founding of the Arizona Pain Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to share the love of God by bringing compassion, healing, and resources to those in need. To that end, Dr. Paul Lynch and other pain doctors in the practice donate their time, money, and expertise to those in need, organizing mission trips to third world countries and an annual Christmas party for recent immigrants. They also work to support other international missionaries as well as local nonprofit community work, all while promoting prescription drug abuse resistance to youth in Arizona. The Foundation is funded by 5% of all proceeds from each of the three Arizona Pain Specialist offices in Arizona and is a way to give back even more to their community, both locally and abroad.