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Study Says Low Back Pain Number One Debilitating Condition

A new international study bumps low back pain to the top of the list of debilitating conditions – worldwide.  It’s been at the top of the United State’s list for a while now.

Extensive research from 47 countries has been compiled in the Global Burden of Disease Study.

The study found the worldwide burden of disability due to low back pain was previously underestimated.

Dr. Richard Frank, the deputy assistant secretary for disability, aging, and long-term care policy at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, says:

“People tend to think about disability in terms of catastrophic events, like a terrible car accident that leaves you paralyzed or in a nursing home.  They don’t think about disability caused by things that are less dramatic and much more common.”

Research shows that the most common causes of low back pain are mechanical stress and strain, which can lead to degenerative or herniated discs.

In the video above, chiropractor Todd Singleton sat down to talk about one of his patients who chose spinal decompression instead of filing for permanent disability.

Singleton says before giving in to debilitating chronic back pain, it’s important to weigh all your treatment options.  Invasive surgery isn’t always the answer.