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I’ve been tracking my food intake for quite a long time now, but for two completely different reasons. The first was to try to determine what was causing my IBS, but that was just writing down what I ate without any dietary information at all. When I made those changes a week or two ago, I started entering my food and the dietary information. That gave me a whole new bank of information.

There’s this Trends section of the app that allows me to compare two different options and allow me to determine what that means. For example, I could compare the protein that I intake with the sleep I get, and see if there’s anything there. Or if I have too much sugar in a day, how much longer it takes me to get to sleep. These are things that I never considered before.

Also, it turns out that I haven’t been eating a whole ton of fiber (the irony doesn’t escape me). I also consume a lot of sugars and carbs, even though sometimes I think they’re good foods. I’m not in balance, and that’s part of why I don’t feel great all the time.

So now, with this information in front of me, I can now make educated decisions about what I need to do to not only lose weight, but feel better overall. And since I’m watching my calorie count, that also helps.

What does this all have to do with pain? A lot, actually. My back is almost always in pain, and I need to lose weight. Learning how the food I consume directly affects my mood and so on, is enlightening. I’m down even more weight than before, and by watching my calories, I know that I’ll continue to do so. But overall, the whole thing is fun — and that’s key.

See, this all comes down to my kids. I want to be able to play with them and not be in pain, and losing weight is part of that process. By making the process fun, I get motivated. And at the end of it all, I should be on the road to being pain free. If not? Well I know a good doctor or two that I can talk to.

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