Learn About Pain Treatment - Pain Management

We want everyone who visits this site to know exactly what to expect before they go in for treatment. Pain treatment education is a key component to Pain Doctor. Minimally invasive procedures are a vital part of interventional pain management and can be found in the Pain Treatments section. On PainDoctor.com, you will find an in-depth article detailing each procedure accompanied by a video of live procedure footage and a video of a patient who has had success with that particular procedure.

Complementary Therapies

Pain management specialists take your whole body and mind into consideration while creating a treatment plan. Complementary therapies can help you manage your pain and other symptoms with noninvasive treatment approaches. Read on to learn more.

Cutting-Edge Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative therapies are exciting new treatment options that can jump-start your body’s natural healing processes. For many patients, it can help them get their life back. Regenerative therapies include PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell treatments, and more. Read on to learn about these cutting-edge new pain management therapies.

Interventional Procedures

Interventional procedures are one of the most powerful treatments that pain specialists can use to manage your pain. From spinal cord stimulation to epidural steroid injections, these minimally-invasive procedures can help patients manage pain and avoid surgery or medication. Read on to learn more.

Pain Medications

By working with a highly-trained pain specialist, and incorporating other complementary therapies, pain medications can help some patients find ongoing pain relief. Read on to learn more.