Just in time for the holidays (we’re looking at you, last-minute shoppers!), we have some great suggestions for thoughtful, soothing, and sometimes indulgent gifts for people with back pain. Searching for gifts for someone with back pain can be challenging, especially if their mobility is compromised or their pain is widespread. Here are 24 of the best gifts for chronic back pain. Bookmark this list for year-round ideas!

Stocking stuffer gifts for someone with back pain

Slip these small gifts into a stocking or under the menorah for everyday comfort and ease.

Single aromatherapy candle

A single aromatherapy candle can provide light in the darkness and soothing scents to relax, invigorate, or renew.

On its own as a stocking stuffer or as part of a chronic back pain gift basket, take the time to find a candle that uses natural oils. Otherwise, it will just smell good without the benefit of aromatherapy.

Single essential oil

A single essential oil (or a blend) that targets a specific type of back pain like facet joint pain or muscle spasms) can be combined with a more indulgent gift or slipped into a stocking for an on-the-go pick me up.

Pill organizer

Compact, easy to find at any local store, and affordable, a pill organizer makes organizing and keeping track of daily medications a snap.

Whether you need an organizer that manages a week’s worth of pills or a month’s worth, we got you covered! Here are the 15 best pill organizers we could find, complete with user reviews.

Restaurant gift card

Treat your loved one to dinner at their convenience (or when they just can’t bring themselves to cook!).

Movie gift cards

Movie gift cards are an easy, fun, and affordable stocking stuffer. For parents with chronic back pain, this can be a great family activity, too!

Dark chocolate

Honestly, we think this gift could fall under any one of these categories. While it is usually best to avoid inflammation-causing sugar, dark chocolate sidesteps these pitfalls with its anti-oxidant benefits.

Moderation is the key here. One or two high-quality dark chocolate truffles should satisfy a sweet tooth without being overindulgent.

A helping hand

Make your own gift certificate book, good for snow shoveled off the sidewalk, a load or two of laundry, or help with the kids.

This gift costs nothing but time and can provide welcome relief for people with chronic back pain.

24 Of The Most Thoughtful Gifts For Back Pain Sufferers | PainDoctor.com

Comforting gifts for back pain

Comforting gifts for back pain are appropriate year-round but definitely seem to be even more appropriate as the nights get longer and the weather cools down.

Weighted blanket

When our canine friends begin to tremble and shake as bad weather nears, we might reach for their ThundershirtsTM, a heavy, compressive shirt that helps to ease their anxiety. For people with chronic back pain, the soothing psychological effects of a weighted blanket can help ease their mind and, in turn, relieve some of their pain.

Studies have found that when deep touch pressure occurs even for a short time, our bodies undergo measurable physiological changes. Weighted blankets can range in price from $50 to well over $300, but you can even make your own.

If you are crafty and have the time, check out these resources to get started making your own weighted blanket:

  • DIY weighted blanket kits
  • Guide to your own weighted blanket
  • DIY weighted blanket instructions

The Revive tank

This compressive tank includes special pockets for hot and cold therapy for both support and pain relief.

Sold separately for men and for women, this tank also helps relieve inflammation and soreness.

Acupressure mat

An acupressure mat uses your own weight to target specific, pain-relieving points on the body.

Simply lay down on the mat and breathe deeply while the mat applies gentle, consistent pressure to loosen tight connective tissue and relieve pain.

Foam roller

Need to relieve a tight upper back, loosen spasming lower back muscles, or just release tight connective tissues?

If you can’t quite swing a massage gift package (or your loved one does not like massage), a foam roller can help.

TENS unit

TENS unit therapy delivers mild, external electrical current to disrupt pain signals in the body. These units are now sold over the counter in drugstores for as little as $40.

This is one of the best gifts for chronic back pain and can offer relief in a non-invasive way with no side effects. Before using, make sure they run it past their doctor for full instructions.

Practical gifts for back pain

We know that getting things like socks and underwear may be a holiday tradition we’d like to leave behind as adults, but let’s face it. Giving a practical gift, especially one for back pain, can be a thoughtful, loving gesture that lasts all year.

Compression gloves

Gloves on a gift list for back pain? Yes! In some cases, chronic back pain sufferers have pain in other areas of the body, too. This may be due to overcompensation, or it may be an overall condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis that causes pain in most joints of the body.

Compression gloves are soothing, supportive, and warm for back pain sufferers who also need support in their hands and wrists.

Back brace

Back braces, when used in conjunction with physical therapy to build strength, can be a tremendously comforting gift for people with back pain. In a U.S. News article, Scott Bautch, the president of the American Chiropractic Association’s council on occupational health, explains:

“You want to give yourself bracing so you can move. Inactivity or immobilization is the worst thing for a back. You want to remain active, and a brace can help you do that.”

Here are five of the best back braces (spoiler alert: most of them are under $50!).

Lumbar support cushion

So you can’t quite swing one of the office chairs that reach into the upper hundreds of dollars but want to give your loved one a gift that helps them feel better all day?

A memory foam lumbar support cushion can do just that. It’s portable, instantly customized support that fits on any chair.

Laptop stand

Speaking of support, ergonomics extend to your laptop, too.

A portable laptop stand can create the perfect working angle for your loved one’s laptop, no matter where they find themselves working.

Baskets and subscriptions for back pain

Baskets are an opportunity to create a thematic gift with something from every category (practical gifts, lavish gifts, etc.), and subscriptions are a gift that keeps giving all year long.

Dinner gift basket (with recipe card)

Everyday, practical tasks can be some of the most challenging for those who suffer from back pain. Take the time to find some pain-friendly recipes and create a dinner gift basket, complete with ingredients and recipe card.

This is a great gift for people with back pain who love to cook but are daunted by the shopping and organizing it requires. Look for anti-inflammatory recipes that are quick to put together but satisfying for the whole family.

Dessert gift basket (with a recipe card)

Yes, sugar causes inflammation, but in small, high-quality amounts, especially when paired with dark chocolate or other anti-inflammatory fruits, it can be okay.

If you are not a baker (but your loved one is!), put a baking basket together complete with ingredients and any baking tools or pans they might not have. Try this flourless chocolate cake recipe for the gluten-free back pain sufferer in your life.

Spa day gift basket

Pamper your loved one with a spa day at home. Create a personalized spa day basket with Epsom bath salts, aromatherapy candle, loofah, luxurious lotion, herbal teas, and maybe memory foam slippers and a robe.

If they like to read, you can include a book and a bath caddy to hold it as they relax.

Meal service subscriptions

What if your loved one doesn’t like to cook? They still need to eat.

Hook them up with a meal service that delivers fully cooked and portioned meals for the freezer, tailored to their dietary needs. If you don’t have a local company that provides this service, check out Send A Meal for dinners that include gluten-free and vegetarian options.

16 Thoughtful Chronic Pain Gifts For Your Loved Ones | PainDoctor.com

Lavish gifts for back pain

Gifts for people with back pain don’t have to be boring or practical. Helping someone you love feel better can be all about luxury. Here are some more lavish gifts for someone with back pain.


Massage relieves pain, promotes relaxation, and helps to energize stiff, sore muscles. Additionally, the increased blood flow that massage promotes can help with healing while loosening tight connective tissue that may be causing pain.

Consider a single massage as a stocking stuffer, or a more lavish series of massages with your local spa.

Mattress topper

Give the back pain sufferer in your life the luxurious gift of better sleep. A mattress topper can offer gentle support and help your loved one get the rest they need.

Poor sleep can exacerbate back pain, so it stands to reason that a good night’s rest will help someone with back pain feel better. Try the Pure Green 100% Latex topper, or the Lucid Memory Foam topper.

New ergonomic office chair

Okay, so we get that finding a chair wrapped in a big red bow may not seem lavish, but take our word for it: ergonomic office chairs can get pretty luxurious.

Here are five of the best office chairs for lower back pain (under $300), but if you want to go ultra lux, try the Herman Miller Embody chair or the Steelcase Leap Fabric chair.

Yoga or meditation classes

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health cites multiple studies that support the use of yoga for lower back pain, with effective results that also supports yoga for lower back pain.

One study showed that yoga is as effective as physical therapy. Another study from the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation reported positive benefits from yoga for sciatica, noting that: “Yoga therapy can be safe and beneficial for patients with [non-specific lower back pain] or sciatica, accompanied by disc extrusions and bulges.”

Visit your local yoga studio to see what workshops, classes, and seminars they offer, then grab a gift card. You might even go with them!

Gifting, made better

Shower your loved one with love, affection, and these gifts for back pain sufferers year-round. If you suffer from back pain, what’s the best gift you have ever received? Tell us in the comments!

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