Pain As Day

I never knew that the world of pain was as far reaching as it really is until I started working here. When I did, I learned quickly that pain affects all of us at one point or another, in all different ways. Think about cancer, for instance. Of course cancer pain is a problem, but it’s not something that I naturally associated with a pain doctor at first. Now I do.

People need to get educated about pain, just like I did. Ignorance isn’t an answer, it’s a problem. It’s also why exists. is a website that we’ve been working on over here at HQ, and it’s pretty cool. Let’s say you saw your regular doctor and he told you that you might have Sciatica. Seems scary, right? Where do you find info about the condition? — it’s easy. And what about treatments for Sciatica? Turns out there are quite a few, including epidural steroid injections and spinal cord stimulation. And you can learn about all of it at

But wait — and this is the really cool part — there’s more. Now that you’re aware of what your condition is and possible treatments, let’s say that you want to take the next step and find a doctor. No problem. Pain Doctor is a start to finish system, where you can come in with a problem, find what it is, how to treat the issue and then find a doctor to perform the service — all in one place.

Thing is, this is just the start. We have a lot planned for, and what’s in the works is even more exciting. Seriously, it’s one of those things I tell everyone about that I can, because it’s a big deal. It’s very, very cool.

Even as it stands right now, Pain Doctor is a huge step forward in the world of pain medicine, and with what we have to come, it’s going to be ahead of the game in short order. Check it out today and get in on the ground floor of something amazing.


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