Using Tech to Your Advantage

We had a meeting yesterday at the office, and two members of the staff pulled out their fancy new bracelets. One of them was the Jawbone Up, the other the Nike+ FuelBand, both of which use various tools to track your activity and health. Each compared notes — one could track their sleep cycles, the other used it primarily for exercising. I didn’t want to show them up at the time, but I had something just as cool, it just was in my bathroom at home.

In my relentless pursuit to lose some weight, I decided that the easiest way for me to make some progress was to involve technology. Like most men, I like gadgets. If it connects to my iPhone in some way or has a funny beep, I’m usually into it. That’s why I bought the Withings WS-30, a wireless scale that connects to my iPhone to track my weight. And guess what — it’s helping.

It’s pretty easy to setup. First, I install the Withings app on my iPhone, then I pair the iPhone with the scale. My wife can do the same thing with her iPhone, and just like that, we’re good. Whenever I weigh myself it gives me my weight and calculates my BMI, then sends it to my iPhone. The next time I fire up the Withings app, all the results are right there. Since I bought it, I’m down eight pounds. It’s not much, but it’s progress.

Better yet, the system works with other apps as well. When I start running I can connect it with RunKeeper so I can track my workouts in one place. If I get concerned about my blood pressure, they have another device for that as well. I can also use it with a Fitbit, or even the Jawbone Up. It’s a complete system that I can work into my life to motivate myself and push forward.

I may not have one of the cool bracelets yet, but so far using technology to my advantage has worked out fairly well. Now let’s see where the next step takes me.


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