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15 Piriformis Syndrome Stretches And Exercises To Find Relief

Piriformis syndrome can cause sharp, shooting pain all the way down to your toes. While some people might immediately reach for medications or other invasive interventions, there are stretches that can provide relief and help your body heal. Here are 15 piriformis syndrome stretches and exercises to help you find [...]

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Will Yoga For Sciatica Help With My Pain?

Many people who suffer from sciatica turn to yoga for relief. This ancient practice has some modern benefits for today's patients. From reducing stress to stretching tight muscles to inspiring inner calm, yoga for sciatica may be able to help with your pain. Here's how. What is sciatica? Sciatica pain [...]

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How Do Back Stretchers Work? (And 8 We Love!)

We often get asked the question, how do back stretchers work? While some people can afford a personal physical therapist to visit their home daily to help alleviate back pain with stretching and therapeutic traction, the vast majority of us have to figure out other ways to rehabilitate and treat spine pain. Whether [...]

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