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Reducing Head Pain In Different Patient Populations

This June on PainDoctor.com, we looked at many different populations of head pain patients and shared relevant new research about these populations, suggested traditional and alternative treatment methods for everyone, and encouraged each patient to find community, no matter who they are or what condition they face. New research on [...]

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Create A Lifestyle To Beat Fibro!

In honor of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on the 12th, we spent all of May writing about fibro on the Pain Doctor blog. While working with your pain doctor is your best bet for finding relief from fibro pain and symptoms, we also know that lifestyle changes can go a long way towards reducing and [...]

Treating Chronic Pain With A Whole-Body Approach

At Pain Doctor, we believe that treating chronic pain effectively is done by considering the patient holistically. That's why we incorporate as many research articles on innovative techniques, mind-body approaches, and lifestyle changes into our discussions about treating pain. We know that pain is different for every person, so we [...]

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