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How Will New Technologies Change Pain Management?

When we think of innovators, we tend to imagine people who think so far outside of the box that they come up with ideas for things that we don’t even know we want. Some of the greatest inventions, however, have been the result of collaboration and refinement rather than explosive, [...]

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Latest Research In Chronic Pain Therapies

Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million people in the U.S. and costs the country over $600 billion a year in lost wages and productivity. There is hope on the horizon, however, with new chronic pain therapies and treatments that offer cutting-edge gadgets and treatment options for pain management. Scientists have [...]

Do Wearables Work?

Wearable computers are everywhere these days. Also known as body-borne computers or, more commonly, wearables, these small devices have become a crucial part of many peoples’ lives. They differ from cell phone technology in one very important way: unlike cell phones, wearables actually become an extension of the body, like [...]

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