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Complicated Grief Treatment

For some, the feelings of sadness following the loss of a loved one can become debilitating and do not improve over time. This is called complicated grief. Loss is a normal part of life. But everyone copes with loss differently and according to different timelines. Following a tragedy or other [...]

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Silk Implants as Epilepsy Treatment

Researchers have discovered silk implants as epilepsy treatment may be possible, as silk releases a chemical that may slows epilepsy’s development. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reveals that when implanted in the brain of lab animals, silk released adenosine, a chemical that decreases neuronal excitability and [...]

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Treatment for Depression

Treatment for depression addresses a person's unshakeable feelings of sadness and disinterest, as well as related physical, emotional and psychological problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an estimated 1 in 10 U.S adults experience symptoms that meet the criteria for depression. The condition is a chronic [...]

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Cancer Pain

Treatment of cancer pain can be very complicated, depending on whether the cancer itself or a related condition is causing the pain. To understand what can be involved with cancer pain and why it occurs, it’s important to understand the basics about what cancer is and how it behaves. Cancer [...]

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Sunburn Treatment

What to Do For a Sunburn The key to sunburn treatment is to act fast. Here are some tips for minimizing the pain and damage to your skin. Get out of the sun. It can take up to six hours for the full effects of a sunburn to make themselves [...]

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