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17 Pain-Friendly Hobbies You Can Try

Chronic pain conditions are noted mostly for what they are: painful. What many people don’t realize is that they have another unpleasant side effect – boredom. Pain patients spend endless hours in waiting rooms, on examining tables, and sidelined in bed or on a couch when pain flares up. Watching [...]

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10 Reasons To Try Acceptance And Commitment Therapy For Pain

For people living with chronic pain, having someone tell them that pain is “all in their head” can be the ultimate slap in the face. In recent years, there has been research that indicates that while pain is a physically experienced sensation, how we think about pain does, in fact, [...]

Can Talk Therapy Help With Arthritis Pain?

Standard treatment protocols for arthritis pain tend to focus on the physical: exercise, medications, and other medical interventions. But new research is indicating that a key to treatment may not have anything to do with the body. Talk therapy is gaining ground as another way to address arthritis pain, with [...]

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Treating Back Pain With Counseling

When suffering from back pain, most people’s first response is to take an over-the-counter pain medication. If that doesn’t reduce the pain, a physician can prescribe a stronger medication, a physical therapist can suggest specific exercises, or trained specialists can do various types of alternative therapies, like chiropractic adjustment or [...]

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10 Therapies For Managing Depression

Approximately 9% of people in the U.S. experience a depressive episode, with 3% experiencing major depression. Women are 70% more likely to be affected than men, and depression costs an estimated $34 billion annually. Depression is a major complication in chronic illness such as chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease, [...]

Hot or Cold Therapy

Treating Injuries Applying ice or heat to an injury is usually one of the easiest treatment options available. However, one of those may be better than the other, depending on the situation. Here’s a quick rundown so you know exactly what to do the next time you’ve got an ache [...]

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