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Our 25 Favorite Chronic Pain Blogs

Chronic pain blogs are one of our favorite ways to connect with other people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our 25 favorite pain blogs, with a few reasons why we love them! Our 25 favorite chronic pain blogs 1. Hypothyroid Mom Hypothyroid Mom’s mission [...]

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Figure 1 — What The Future Of Medicine Looks Like

Traditionally, patients who suffer from mysterious disorders or illnesses work with a primary care doctor and a small team of specialists, maybe just a handful of doctors who consult on occasion. While this approach may work for straightforward conditions, what if the condition is so mysterious that a primary care [...]

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7 New Hip Pain Devices and Technology

Hip pain, both chronic and acute, is one of the most common types of pain. The hip joint is responsible for many different actions in the body, including walking, bending, twisting, and simply standing up. As we age, this resilient joint may begin to deteriorate with use. We may also [...]

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One of the most difficult things about searching for information online is the sheer volume of it. A quick Google search of “migraine treatment” yields over 23 million results. Combing through these sites to find reliable, easy-to-read, and medically accurate information is a daunting task, especially when your head is [...]

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Hypothyroid Mom – Bloggers We Love

Hypothyroid Mom is a blog on a mission – to build awareness of this little-understood condition so that more time, money, and research are directed towards finding better treatments. This mission is laser-focused and directed by Dana Trentini, the blogger we love behind Hypothyroid Mom. The story behind the Hypothyroid [...]

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