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Reduce Back Pain With These 11 Exercises

Reducing back pain can start at home with some simple exercises that focus not only on the back muscles themselves but also on the core and overall fitness. Here are 11 exercises to help reduce current back pain and prevent future injury. Back strengtheners Sometimes the cause of back pain [...]

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Fun Fitness Cross-Training Combos

One of the things that keeps us from getting all of the exercise we need is something very simple: boredom. Walking the same route, swimming the same laps, taking the same classes at the gym: this daily routine can make fitness a tedious chore that we slog through instead of [...]

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Alternative Abs Workouts

It is the stuff of nightmares: the old-school PE teacher, with shorts pulled up to his chin, collared white polo tucked in, standing over hapless students doing hundreds of sit-ups to prove that they are “fit.” For years, this was the norm for abdominal exercises with a daily prescribed amount [...]

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Summer Health Risks

Summer is a time for fun, but it can be a dangerous time of year, too. Here are some summer health risks to keep in mind. Alcohol-Related Accidents Alcoholic beverages should never be consumed prior to or during boating, driving or other activities that involve control of a motorized craft. [...]

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