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How To Find Support Groups When You’re Suffering From Pain

Sometimes in life we face issues that we cannot deal with on our own. Even our families and friends may not understand what we are going through, especially when we're suffering from a chronic condition. When this happens, finding a support group with people who understand what you are going [...]

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Unsung Family Heroes: Adolescent Caregivers

Acting as caregiver for a family member is a difficult job, and the burden is made even heavier when the caregiver is an adolescent. Most adolescents, meaning those under the age of 18, are playing video games or going to the movies, but it’s estimated that there are as many [...]

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Pain Doctor’s Online Support Groups And Forums

Perhaps the toughest part of struggling with chronic pain is the isolation. Many patients feel as if friends and family members just don’t understand what they are going through. Chronic pain sufferers may feel like a burden to their loved ones, or they may feel ignored or that their pain [...]

10 Therapies For Managing Depression

Approximately 9% of people in the U.S. experience a depressive episode, with 3% experiencing major depression. Women are 70% more likely to be affected than men, and depression costs an estimated $34 billion annually. Depression is a major complication in chronic illness such as chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease, [...]

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Sharing Your Story Through #chroniclife

When Britt Johnson started a blog, she thought she would use it as a way to explain her chronic pain. Chronic pain is a hidden disease, and many who experience chronic pain feel isolated and lonely. Even the people they live with have a hard time understanding what they are [...]