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How Is A Spinal Cord Stimulator Implanted?

A spinal cord stimulator is considered a "pacemaker for pain." It delivers pain-relieving stimulation directly to nerves that are damaged and leading to pain. For some patients, this can be a life-saving technology that allows them to walk again. Or, it's a great way to manage pain on a day-to-day basis [...]

What Is DRG Stimulation?

Neurostimulation has been a go-to treatment for chronic back pain management for many years. Spinal cord stimulation in particular is often a recommended treatment option for refractory or intractable back pain that has not responded to other treatments. With spinal cord stimulation, a small electrical pulse is sent to the [...]

Finding Relief With Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Pain signals are transmitted along nerves. Medications that treat pain find ways to chemically interact with the nervous system to stop pain signals from reaching the brain. However, electrical impulses in the nervous system are also key to transmitting pain signals. Therefore, electrical stimulation therapy is also able to interfere [...]

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Innovative Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

Did you know that the majority of people who have had a limb amputated still report feeling some sensation in the removed limb, such as itching or tingling? As many as 80% of amputees experience a type of this phantom limb pain. This can manifest as almost any sort of [...]

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