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Building Your Pinterest Fitness Board

Pinterest is an endless source of information and ideas on any and all topics. If you’re planning to focus a bit more on fitness in 2015, Pinterest can also be a great source for all things exercise-related. If you’re new to Pinterest, you’ll have to go through the quick, free [...]

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Inspire Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

Social media is a powerful tool for inspiration to achieve your New Year’s health resolutions and maintain lifestyle changes. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with others who are trying to live a healthy life despite chronic pain, helping you feel understood and less alone. Countless people use social [...]

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Pain Hack: Find Pain Inspiration And Support On Pinterest

What started out as a flowery online bulletin board for DIYers and crafters has turned into a vital resource for pain inspiration, tips, and support. Pinterest has become one of the best places for chronic pain patients to find recipes, inspiring quotes and blogs, infographics, and resources for pain management. [...]

Finding Health Inspiration On Social Media

Making big life changes, like becoming healthier, can be overwhelming. Tell your friends you’re trying to lose weight, and you’ll be immediately bombarded with a dozen (sometimes contradicting) suggestions. Mention to your family that you want to focus more on fitness, and you’ll get another flood of contradicting advice. There [...]

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10 Ways To Get Involved During National Pain Awareness Month

September is National Pain Awareness Month. Chronic pain is considered an “invisible illness”; those who have it may exhibit no signs of illness or disability. Because their pain is not readily apparent, chronic pain patients may face discrimination or get snide comments or looks. National Pain Awareness Month seeks to [...]

Sharing Your Story Through #chroniclife

When Britt Johnson started a blog, she thought she would use it as a way to explain her chronic pain. Chronic pain is a hidden disease, and many who experience chronic pain feel isolated and lonely. Even the people they live with have a hard time understanding what they are [...]

Connect With Other Arthritis Sufferers Online

With the expansion of social media and internet speeds that are faster than ever before, connecting with other arthritis sufferers online has never been easier. If you are the only person around you suffering from arthritis, or if you live in a rural or ex-urban community that keeps you physically [...]

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