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8 Frozen Shoulder Exercises

Imagine trying to go about daily life with one arm pinned to your side. Frozen shoulder syndrome is a condition where the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder essentially “freezes” and is completely immobile, leading to that scenario. When an injury to the shoulder occurs, many people will become very protective of [...]

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What Is Frozen Shoulder Syndrome?

Frozen shoulder syndrome, known medically as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition when the range of motion in the shoulder joint is so limited that it feels almost as if the shoulder is frozen in place. At the extreme end of this condition, patients are unable to move their shoulder at [...]

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Disc Repair, Acute Shoulder Pain

Disc Repair, Acute Shoulder Pain Studies Mesoblast’s disc repair study and IL Pharma’s acute shoulder pain study are known as randomized controlled studies, meaning a medication or other medical treatment (such as a new medical device) is compared to the efficacy of a placebo (fake treatment), other medications or devices, [...]

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