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Should You Start Running?

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the springtime, they are everywhere. No, not birds, not lady bugs, not even farmer’s markets. Joggers. Runners. People who get up in the morning, strap on their running shoes, and head out for a jog. These same people might run a 10K on Thanksgiving [...]

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Fun Fitness Cross-Training Combos

One of the things that keeps us from getting all of the exercise we need is something very simple: boredom. Walking the same route, swimming the same laps, taking the same classes at the gym: this daily routine can make fitness a tedious chore that we slog through instead of [...]

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How to Train Safely for a Race

The flyer goes up in the grocery store: early Thanksgiving morning your town is hosting a “Gobble Jog,” with distances from 1K to 10K. Kids are welcome, and walking or slow jogging is encouraged. You are interested and think your whole family would love to join in, but you’ve never [...]

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Going Strong

Muscles Used In Running Some people think running just works a person's legs, but that couldn't be more wrong. Running incorporates many more muscles in addition to the obvious ones, a fact which I discovered after experiencing total body soreness in the first weeks I started running regularly. It's easy [...]

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Barefoot Running

I remember when I first started seeing those “five-fingered” shoes on people. They looked like socks or something. “What are those?” I finally asked an acquaintance one day. He had worn a pair to a party. “Oh, they’re my running shoes. I didn’t have time to change,” he replied. Sure he didn’t. I was [...]

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Running Pain

Let me just come right out and say it: I don’t exercise as much as I should. And by “as much,” I really mean “at all,” because most of my time is spent sitting (or standing) and clacking away at a keyboard. I do go play with my son at [...]

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