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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

E-cigarettes remain as controversial as they were when they were first introduced in 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert introduced a smokeless “non-tobacco cigarette” but never marketed it commercially. It wasn’t until smokers in China picked up on “vaping” that e-cigarettes became more widespread and mainstream. The modern e-cigarette was patented in [...]

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“Why I Don’t Exercise”: 5 Common Exercise Excuses

“I can’t find my shoes”: it may not be the craziest excuse for not exercising, but it’s up there! Half the battle of exercise is getting out there and doing it, but it’s easier to make excuses for why you aren’t getting your recommended daily dose of activity. You know [...]

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Starting Small: Organize Your life For “Get Organized Month”

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” January is Get Organized Month, a great time to discard the disorder of the past year and get started with a clean slate. For many of us, disorder and clutter are a part of daily life, and this clutter can be [...]

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