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News About Stem Cell Treatments For Sports Injuries

In week eight of the NFL season, a stadium packed with people watched in horror as Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks sustained a massive hit on the field. Safety Jeff Heath of the Dallas Cowboys would ultimately be called for an illegal blindside hit, but in the meantime, Lockette [...]

Latest Research In Chronic Pain Therapies

Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million people in the U.S. and costs the country over $600 billion a year in lost wages and productivity. There is hope on the horizon, however, with new chronic pain therapies and treatments that offer cutting-edge gadgets and treatment options for pain management. Scientists have [...]

Hot Topics: Health Research Areas To Watch In 2015

As with fashion, there are trends and hot topics in health. These hot topics are generated by new discoveries and understandings in research, and this year there are three particular areas to watch for: gut microbes, regenerative/stem cell therapy, and the practice of mindfulness. Gut microbes Gut microbes (also know [...]

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