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Wake Up Call

Worst. Wake-up Call. Ever. I wake up in pain with The Family Guy playing on the TV. It looks like the TV timer hasn't turned off yet, meaning that I've been asleep for less than 120 minutes. What's wrong with my stomach? Holy cow does this hurt. Oh this is [...]

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Mint-Tea Fresh

The Power of Peppermint There’s just something so comforting about a cup of mint-tea. The liquid has become my cure-all potion over the years, and it’s soothed me on so many occasions I could almost consider the stuff an old friend. Peppermint is just such a unique herb in that [...]

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Rolling Out

Have you ever heard of a foam roller? To the uninitiated, this is a cylinder roughly six inches in diameter, anywhere from 12 to 36 inches long, and made of synthetic materials varying in hardness. It’s a curious object to an unknowing person — it either looks useless, or like [...]

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Barefoot Running

I remember when I first started seeing those “five-fingered” shoes on people. They looked like socks or something. “What are those?” I finally asked an acquaintance one day. He had worn a pair to a party. “Oh, they’re my running shoes. I didn’t have time to change,” he replied. Sure he didn’t. I was [...]

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No Pain No Gain

Thanks to the Internet, we have thousands of motivational phrases, images, and videos scattered on virtually every website out there like no pain no gain. If you want to feel better about yourself or just get something accomplished, all it takes is a quick Google search and you’re on your way. But [...]

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Working Out

Exercise out is pretty simple. Whittled down to basics, it’s just any activity that burns calories and builds muscle. And sure, you can make it harder if you want, by giving it more structure, creating a schedule, setting goals and competing with others, but ultimately, all exercise really is, is movement. Simple. Similarly, [...]

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Hidden Pain

Let me tell you a story about my hidden pain. It's almost unavoidable. The path that I have to take when driving from my house to the office can take many different shapes, but more often than not, the fastest one takes me right past the intersection of 92nd Street [...]

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Late Night Workouts

I’m a bit of a late bloomer. I was 17 and still had a squeaky voice. I think my beard officially came in when I turned 26, and I became a workaholic just a few years ago. As such, I’m often found behind my desk while the kids are sleeping [...]

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Fans, Pain, Sports

Fandom and Pain I’ve mentioned a few times here before that I’m a baseball fan, and that my team is the Boston Red Sox. A few years back, I remember getting all excited because they were picking up this killer pitcher that I knew was going to take the team [...]

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Running Pain

Let me just come right out and say it: I don’t exercise as much as I should. And by “as much,” I really mean “at all,” because most of my time is spent sitting (or standing) and clacking away at a keyboard. I do go play with my son at [...]

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