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Aching Feet

Take Care of Your Feet Some professions keep us on our toes more than others, and if you have one of those jobs, I’m sure you feel the effects. Here are some industries and jobs that are unkind to our feet, plus what you can do to give yours a [...]

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Phantom Limb Pain

Pain After Amputation Following an amputation, some patients report pain that feels as though it’s coming from the missing body part. This is called phantom limb pain. And even though the condition sounds unbelievable — a sensation coming from an area of the body that no longer exists — it [...]

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Ballet and Your Back

Ballet For a Healthy Back A few summers ago I took a ballet class through a local community college. Some time before that, I had endured an injury to my low back, followed by plenty of chiropractic care and follow-up appointments. I know taking a ballet class after a back [...]

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Fish Oil Supplements I take a fish oil supplement every day, and I have for a while now. When I tell friends and acquaintances why, some are skeptical, but I’m a believer in the power of this natural resource. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids that, as far as I’m [...]

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Stress Management and Pain

Managing Stress and Pain If there's one thing that I know about fairly well, it's stress. It impacts my whole life, both physically and mentally, and can put me on a path to ruin quite quickly. With a two-month-old baby in the house, a three-year-old boy and the burden of [...]

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Summer Pain

Staying Safe This Summer My van needs a wash. Bad. But the other day, it was hot. So hot that I didn't want to do anything, much less spend two hours scrubbing down a car. Fortunately, I had options. During the summer months it gets pretty hot here in Arizona, [...]

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The Pain Doctor

Pain As Day I never knew that the world of pain was as far reaching as it really is until I started working here. When I did, I learned quickly that pain affects all of us at one point or another, in all different ways. Think about cancer, for instance. [...]

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A Real Pain in the Back It seems like everyone I know has back problems. In the mix of conversation a friend or family member will remark, “Man, my back has been killing me ...” or “I couldn’t sleep last night, my back was aching ...” They say it with [...]

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Progress via Tech I've been tracking my food intake for quite a long time now, but for two completely different reasons. The first was to try to determine what was causing my IBS, but that was just writing down what I ate without any dietary information at all. When I [...]

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Technology Redux

Hacking Your Body The other day, I wrote about using technology to your advantage, and the next day I went out and bought myself and my wife a Jawbone Up to play with. For me, I figured it would be another fun way to track my weight and sleep routine, [...]

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