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Backache Evaluation

A Backache Evaluation For Back Pain Backaches are a pretty common life occurrence. Things like sitting or standing improperly or just over-using the muscles can cause episodes of pain. Back pain can also come from physical injuries due to falling or bending the wrong way. Some sources of pain are [...]

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Chiropractic Tips – Stretching

Stretching Guidelines For Pain Relief At Pain Doctor, we adhere to a mulch-disciplinary approach to pain management. Within this cohesive design, chiropractic care is an excellent option available to you. Here are some tips recommended by Pain Doctor qualified chiropractors to assist you in pain relief and management at home. [...]

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Complex Regional Pain Treatments and Therapies

As we discussed on the blog yesterday, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic neurological pain syndrome. There are many treatments that can help with the symptoms of CRPS; however, there is no single treatment to cure. The following treatments can help ease symptoms: Pharmacological Therapy - Pain management physicians [...]

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