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Acupuncture And Pain Management

Acupuncture is a Respected Form of Pain Management Linda Gibbons, a licensed acupuncturist and board member for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, says having needles inserted in the skin to relieve pain doesn’t make sense to most Americans at first. However, Gibbons, who is also on faculty at the Colorado [...]

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Eastern – Western Medicine Collide

Patients See Relief from Pain Where Eastern and Western Medicine Collide By Jennifer Gitt Chronic pain is a condition medical experts have been treating for centuries. Thousands of methods are used today, including those stemming from eastern modalities. Eastern modality treatments were created with ancient theories of traditional Chinese medicine [...]

Capsaicin Cream

I was very confused the first time I heard of capsaicin cream being used for pain relief. Wasn’t capsaicin what gave chili peppers their heat? If you’ve never heard of capsaicin cream, or didn’t realize the substance came from chili peppers, or are simply wondering what chili peppers have to [...]

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Are There Vitamins For Pain Relief?

You know the aisle of the grocery store. The one that smells a little funny, can be very expensive, and make many people itch with Hippie Fever? Yep. The vitamin section. This section is not like when we were kids and were told to love our Flintstones and Yummy Bear vitamins. For those in pain, [...]

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