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Race And The Shocking Inequalities In Pain Management

It’s true that race relations in the United States have come a long way since Jim Crow laws created the phrase “separate but equal,” but when it comes to pain management, the U.S. still has a long way to go. Study after study is confirming what many of us already [...]

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We’re Not Taking Women In Pain Seriously Enough

As the song goes, “Everybody hurts,” but not everybody gets the same treatment. As with pay and promotions, women get short shrift when it comes to their pain being taken seriously. Women in pain get less treatment, wait longer for doctors, and generally get treated as second-class citizens. We believe [...]

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Hispanics And Health: An Update

In the last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been conducting research and analyzing statistics to shed light on the health issues that face the Hispanic community in the United States. This growing segment of the population faces some issues in particular that make providing equitable, [...]

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Rural Healthcare: Many Problems, 1 Solution?

Of the many issues in healthcare, 1 of the most problematic is access. For both men and women, rural healthcare continues to be lacking in both quantity and quality. Many people in rural areas find that locating a qualified physician for even their most basic needs is nearly impossible, and specialists [...]

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Is Pain Colorblind?

A growing body of research says that if pain is colorblind, people and their perceptions of it certainly aren’t. A new study found that mostly white children as young as 7 reported that they believed black children felt less pain than the black children actually did, a trend in bias [...]

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