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Acupuncture And Pain Management

Acupuncture is a Respected Form of Pain Management Linda Gibbons, a licensed acupuncturist and board member for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, says having needles inserted in the skin to relieve pain doesn’t make sense to most Americans at first. However, Gibbons, who is also on faculty at the Colorado [...]

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What’s the Link Between Fibromyalgia and Caffeine?

If you have fibromyalgia, research is beginning to show that high levels of caffeine consumption could exacerbate or worsen your pain symptoms. Here's what you should know about fibromyalgia and caffeine. According to data presented at a meeting of the American Pain Society, drinking four or more cups of coffee [...]

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Neuromodulation A New Frontier in Pain Management Βy Ted Swing Because the nerve is sending so many signals, both pain and stimulation from the mild electrical pulses, the brain “closes the gate,” and the pain feels less intense. At Pain Doctor, we conduct clinical research so that we can lead [...]

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What Athletes Can Teach Us About Pain Tolerance

Check out this Report on Pain Tolerance We've all seen a tackle in professional football that literally made us wince, blocks in basketball that made our toes curl, or for hockey fans, body checks that made all of us cringe as watched the other player careen to the other side [...]

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Find a Better Sleep Schedule for Pain Management

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 2/3 of people with chronic pain experience sleeping issues. Severe pain can make it difficult to find a comfortable position and fall asleep. Unfortunately, one begets the other, as little or poor sleep can lead to worse pain during the next day and night. [...]

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Integrative Pain Management

A new study reveals that integrative pain management not only reduces chronic pain but also improves your mood and quality of life. A medical approach that combines alternative treatments with evidence-based medicine, integrative medicine (also called integrative health) has been rising in popularity lately and may deliver good results to [...]

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Pain Research

Research related to pain and pain management is an expanding area, particularly due to the fact that in 2011, members of the “Baby Boomer” generation started turning 65 years old. In fact, now 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every single day. Pain is certainly not exclusive to those over 65, [...]

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