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What Is Interventional Pain Management?

If you're in pain, interventional pain management can help you reduce pain and get you back to your life. Practitioners use cutting-edge treatment options along with holistic therapies. For example, a patient may receive nerve blocks or facet joint injections, along with reduced medication doses and physical therapy or chiropractic [...]

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What Does A Pain Management Doctor Do?

What does a pain management doctor do? These highly-trained and highly-specialized doctors diagnose conditions, coordinate treatment, and provide ongoing care for pain patients. They work most often with chronic pain patients who have experienced symptoms for three months or longer. Let's take a look at how pain management doctors provide this level of [...]

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Top 10 Chronic Pain Management Research Findings From 2016

From new lupus treatments to fibromyalgia brain signatures to large-scale research on what therapies actually reduce pain, 2016 was an exciting year for chronic pain management research. 1. Non-drug approaches work for chronic pain management Surveys analyze large swaths of data from multiple studies to show more conclusive proof for [...]

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Chronic Pain Treatment Advances: ASA Researchers Highlight A Holistic Approach

Chronic pain treatment is a unique and complicated thing. Because pain is experienced differently by different people with a complex mix of factors that are physical, emotional, and psychological, it is difficult if not impossible to set one course of action for patients. Pain doctors must carefully evaluate the patient [...]

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Complementary Alternative Medicines

Understand Complementary Alternative Medicines According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 38 percent of American adults use some form of complementary alternative medicine (CAM). Developments in technology and an increase in the available information have made it possible for more and more patients to consider incorporating alternative medicine [...]

Depression, Pain – Find Help – Expert, Kara Gasperone

Help For Depression and Pain By Kara Gasperone Have you ever found yourself curled up on the couch with your softest blanket and saltiest junk food, watching the umpteenth commercial for Pajama-jeans because it’s 3 am and you can’t sleep again? Or perhaps you’re a world class scrapbooker who hasn’t [...]

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