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FAQs About The #PainDoctorCares $5,000 Giveaway!

The #PainDoctorCares Giveaway is our way to give back to the pain community, effectively bridging the activism of Pain Awareness Month in September with the giving spirit of the holidays. In partnership with the Arizona Pain Foundation, is giving one pain patient $5,000 in 2016 to use towards their [...]

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Pain Hack: Find Pain Inspiration And Support On Pinterest

What started out as a flowery online bulletin board for DIYers and crafters has turned into a vital resource for pain inspiration, tips, and support. Pinterest has become one of the best places for chronic pain patients to find recipes, inspiring quotes and blogs, infographics, and resources for pain management. [...]

Say This, Not That: Supporting The Chronic Pain Patient

People who have a chronic pain patient in their life often walk a fine line in terms of saying the wrong thing. Even the most caring person may inadvertently say things that can be hurtful. They may make assumptions or judgments in their language, not realizing they are doing so. [...]

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Announcing the #PainDoctorCares $5,000 Giveaway!

National Pain Awareness Month is almost over, but at Pain Doctor we didn't want the education and activism of September to end. We believe more widespread chronic pain awareness should be an every day pursuit. That's why we kicked off the #PainDoctorCares Giveaway. $5,000. One pain patient in need.  In partnership with the Arizona [...]

Preventing Compassion Fatigue In Caregivers

When a family member is diagnosed with a chronic illness, the shock can be substantial. In those first months after diagnosis, family members and caregivers are busy learning about the condition and coordinating treatment. Little thought is given to what happens after the routine of care is established, and caregivers [...]

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