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Sorry, Opioids Probably Aren’t Helping Your Lower Back Pain

It’s time to really talk about opioid use. Chronic pain is no laughing matter, and it’s nothing to be flippant about. We see thousands of patients a year who suffer terribly from lower back pain and other conditions. The struggles that they face in their daily lives, and the challenges [...]

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Opioids Side Effects – FAQ

Opioids side effect - Opioids have an unfortunate side effect. By Kevin Whipps Opioids side effects really gave me a scare. I had done everything right. I was in pain, and my doctor prescribed an opioid that he made very clear was potentially addictive and had side effects. There’s no [...]

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Skin Deep

The Transdermal Approach to Pain Management By Geoffrey Godfrey MSN, FNP-BC and Melissa McFarland MSN, FNP-BC You’ve probably have heard the term “compounding” and may have wondered if it was something that could help with your pain. So what is it? Simply put, compounding is the creation of a small [...]

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Opioid Deaths Alarm Health Officials

Opioid Deaths Rise, CDC Recommends Sweeping Changes To Prescriptions By Kelli M. Donley Opioids – prescription pain pills – are being abused by Americans in increasingly dramatic numbers, alarming public health officials. overdose deaths involving these drugs, created to mimic the pain relieving qualities found in derivatives of the opium [...]

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Effects of Opioids on Diabetes

Watch This Report On The Relationship Between Opioids And Diabetes People with diabetes are often plagued by acute and chronic pain. According to an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, four out of ten adults with Type 2 diabetes suffer from pain. Whether because of diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, [...]

Suboxone News

Hi. I’m Kelli D. and I have been working with Arizona Pain Specialists for about 5 years. I love reading and researching everything in the medical world and sharing with others. As I was perusing the blogosphere and medical news, I came across an interesting find. A new report states officials at [...]

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