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The Dangers Of Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping is the practice of obtaining prescription medications, often narcotic painkillers, from multiple physicians. With the rates of pain medication abuse and overdose at alarmingly high levels in recent years, doctor shopping is a major source of concern for physicians and pharmacies everywhere. What is doctor shopping? The practice [...]

Mental Health Issues For Veterans

Veterans returning from service overseas often continue to experience the war long after they have left the front lines. They may not have a physical injury, but trauma from war can be hidden and far more serious long-term. As the wars in the Middle East continue into a second decade, [...]

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The Latest In Pain Research And Alternative Treatments This Month

This month on Pain Doctor, we covered everything from the latest in pain research to alternative treatments (and how to afford them) to the most stressful life events (and how to handle them). The latest pain research  One of the most exciting breakthroughs in pain research and treatment was the [...]

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Pain Doctor Video Library: Managing Pain Through The Holidays

November is a big month. Although Christmas decorations have been in some stores since September, for many of us, the holiday season begins in earnest on November 1st, bringing with it extra stress and a potential increase in chronic pain. For others, November is the time when men’s health, family [...]

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