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New Findings Released About Cellular Stress And Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain, often referred to as neuralgia, is a complex condition that occurs in 10% of adults over the age of 30. The causes of this pain are as complex and mysterious as the treatment plans, but a new finding in neuropathic pain may simplify both diagnosis and treatment. A [...]

Ergonomic Changes To Ease Arthritis At Work And Home

Ergonomics is defined as “fitting a job to a person.” In the case of someone with arthritis, this means finding ways to modify the workplace (and the home) to lessen the strain on arthritic joints and make life a little more comfortable. The importance of workplace ergonomics is gaining increasing [...]

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Discussing Nerve Pain In October

This month on, we focused on the subject of nerve pain--in all of its varying forms and treatment methods. Through an in-depth coverage of this topic, we've hoped to shed some light on the many types of nerve pain, as well as how those with nerve pain can find [...]

Connect With Other Arthritis Sufferers Online

With the expansion of social media and internet speeds that are faster than ever before, connecting with other arthritis sufferers online has never been easier. If you are the only person around you suffering from arthritis, or if you live in a rural or ex-urban community that keeps you physically [...]

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