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What Is The Science Of Headaches?

Headaches are a widespread chronic pain condition and are the most common reason for people to buy over-the-counter pain medications. Despite this, headache science is slow-moving, with many scientists still learning about the reasons behind headaches and why we have them in the first place. However, as the understanding of [...]

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16 Of The Absolute Best Essential Oils For Headaches

Mmm. Smelling the relaxing scent of lavender or the invigorating aroma of peppermint sure activates the senses, but they can also help alleviate headaches. Our favorite essential oils for headaches include: Peppermint Rosemary Lavender Eucalyptus Chamomile Jasmine Clary sage And ten more Read on to learn about which essentials oils for headaches [...]

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How To Get Rid Of Headaches, Naturally

The major cause of many headaches comes down to stress or tension in the body. Therefore, how to get rid of headaches naturally typically comes down to treatment options that reduce stress and tension. Our three favorite, research-backed options include yoga, meditation, and biofeedback training. How to get rid of headaches, [...]

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Considering Botox Injections For Migraines?

Botox injections for migraines have been proven to reduce the intensity and duration of migraines for those who suffer. Botox was developed in the 1970s by an ophthalmologist who was looking to develop a treatment for strabismus (crossed eyes). This simple migraine treatment was discovered accidentally when people undergoing plastic [...]

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Tracking Migraine Triggers Can Help Prevent Pain

Because there is no definitive research on 100% effective treatments for migraines, one of the best things migraine sufferers can do is to work hard to identify and avoid potential migraine triggers. Migraine triggers are anything with the potential to cause or worsen migraines. Once a migraine hits, sufferers may [...]

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