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How Domestic Violence Causes Real Pain And Mental Stress

Domestic violence is a serious issue that goes far beyond one person physically abusing another. When an abused person is finally able to escape their abuser, the scars of that trauma are much more than skin-deep. The stress and pain of domestic violence have far-reaching mental and emotional consequences that [...]

26 Fibro Fog Memes That Get It Right (Hilariously)

When it comes to pain disorders, fibromyalgia is no joke. Affecting approximately five million people in the U.S., fibromyalgia’s trademark symptoms are pain and something referred to as fibro fog. Fibro fog is a feeling of complete and total exhaustion that makes even the simplest cognitive tasks – like remembering [...]

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21 Ways To Improve Sleep Naturally

A good night of sleep is essential for good health, yet an estimated 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders. Of those, 60% are chronic sufferers. These sleep issues are more common among those with chronic pain, intensifying not only the sleep disorder but also the chronic [...]

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