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Create A Lifestyle To Beat Fibro!

In honor of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on the 12th, we spent all of May writing about fibro on the Pain Doctor blog. While working with your pain doctor is your best bet for finding relief from fibro pain and symptoms, we also know that lifestyle changes can go a long way towards reducing and [...]

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Top 12 Ways To Manage Fibromyalgia

For the five million people in the U.S. with fibromyalgia, each day can be a struggle. The most commonly reported symptom of this chronic condition is pain focused on nine tender points in the body (mirrored on each side of the body, so 18 points total), but fibromyalgia sufferers also [...]

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Top 13 Facts About Fibro

Every day new facts about fibro emerge through research and treatment studies. Here are our top 13 facts about fibro. 1. Fibro blogs build community Even knowing that there are others out in the world who are going through similar trials can help you feel less alone. Many fibromyalgia sufferers, even [...]

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Invisible Diseases: Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

There exist in this world several conditions that are notable not just for the pain and suffering they cause to the patient and their loved ones but also for the fact that to the outside world, everything seems okay. These are referred to as “invisible diseases,” and together they affect [...]

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