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Celebrate Love On National Donor Day

Valentine’s Day is usually filled with candy-filled hearts and flowers, but what if you could give someone a gift that was more profound and longer-lasting? In addition to being Valentine’s Day, February 14th is also National Donor Day. This year, consider giving a gift that could save someone’s life. Started [...]

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American Heart Month Is For Lovers

This February is American Heart Month, and nothing is more attractive than someone with a healthy heart. Heart disease is no joke. Although rates of heart disease are declining in people over age 65, those below retirement age continue to develop heart disease at a steady rate, with men twice as [...]

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Garden Goodness – Healthy Garden

Find Health in Your Backyard Garden By Kelli M. Donley, MPH Countless research has shown a regular diet of fruit and vegetables is ideal; however, a recent study from the Colorado School of Public Health shows gardeners also report a cornucopia of health benefits from being outside, connected to the [...]

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