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Poverty Limits Medical Treatment For Chronic Pain Patients

Low-income patients with chronic pain often face hurdles accessing the care they need despite Affordable Care Act (ACA) reforms, health care experts say. Meanwhile, people living in poverty are more likely to experience pain, along with the stress, worry, and anger that worsen, or even cause, the discomfort, according to [...]

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Rural Healthcare: Many Problems, 1 Solution?

Of the many issues in healthcare, 1 of the most problematic is access. For both men and women, rural healthcare continues to be lacking in both quantity and quality. Many people in rural areas find that locating a qualified physician for even their most basic needs is nearly impossible, and specialists [...]

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Clinical Research Importance

Why Clinical Research is Important Clinical Research is one of the most important elements of By Ryan Tapscott, Research Department While there may always be debate nationally about whether healthcare should exist as a universal or private entity, we agree healthcare is a necessity. humanity depends upon, wants, and [...]

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