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How To Get Rid Of Headaches, Naturally

The major cause of many headaches comes down to stress or tension in the body. Therefore, how to get rid of headaches naturally typically comes down to treatment options that reduce stress and tension. Our three favorite, research-backed options include yoga, meditation, and biofeedback training. How to get rid of headaches, [...]

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65+ Tips For Managing Headache, Neck, And Shoulder Pain

We carry the majority of our tension (and our pain) in our heads, necks, and shoulders. Notice at the end of a long day how you feel. Most likely, you'll find your head blaring with pain and your shoulders squeezed up to your ears. This month on PainDoctor.com, we looked [...]

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Magnesium For Migraines – Does It Work?

When it comes to migraines, sufferers will do nearly anything to prevent attacks and shorten them when they occur. In addition to avoiding triggering foods, there are some supplements that are rising in popularity as alternative treatments for migraine. Magnesium for migraines is one of the supplements getting attention, and [...]

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How To Get Over A Migraine Hangover

Migraine affects over 38 million people in the U.S. Migraine is more than just a simple headache. Those who suffer from migraine experience this type of headache in four distinct stages: Prodromal: This is the period prior to migraine when sufferers might experience fatigue, irritability, food cravings, and depression. Aura: [...]

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Can Daith Piercings Help Relieve Migraines?

Nearly 20% of people in the U.S. suffer from migraine headaches. These headaches come with crippling pain and other side effects that include nausea, light sensitivity, and fatigue. One of the worst parts about migraines is that there seems to be no consistent treatment options that can completely prevent or [...]

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20 Headache Remedies At Home

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. While it’s a great time to raise awareness and funds for treatment and research, often the only thing you want to be aware of when you have a headache is how to make it go away. Here are 20 headache remedies you can [...]

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New Research Promises Headache Relief

For those suffering from chronic headache and migraine, headache relief cannot come fast enough. Migraine pain is more than a simple headache. Migraine symptoms can be debilitating and include nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to sensory input, and visual disturbances like temporary blindness. While research into new migraine treatments has been sparse [...]

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What Are Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headaches are one of the most mysterious types of headache. Very little is known about this type of headache. Also known as suicide headaches due to the intense pain, cluster headaches come on quickly and intensely and have few definitive causes or triggers. So, what are cluster headaches? What [...]

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