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Exercise Is Really THAT Important For Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain as an estimated 80 to 90% of people in the U.S. will in their lifetime, you know how hard it can be to keep moving when the pain flares up. Lower back pain can be especially difficult to move through, but the numbers don’t [...]

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Can You Walk Two Minutes An Hour?

The evidence of the dangers of sitting is mounting. Sitting is not only indicated in an increased chance of chronic pain, obesity, and diabetes, but it also changes our DNA, speeding up the process of aging and increasing the likelihood of chronic disease. After 20 years of sitting for an [...]

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Should You Start Running?

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the springtime, they are everywhere. No, not birds, not lady bugs, not even farmer’s markets. Joggers. Runners. People who get up in the morning, strap on their running shoes, and head out for a jog. These same people might run a 10K on Thanksgiving [...]

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Keeping Up With Your Golf Game With Back Pain

Back pain can put a kink in not only your back but also your golf game. The twisting, bending, and stretching that comes with 18 holes on a sunny day can be seriously impeded by back pain conditions. If you think that back pain has stopped your golf game before [...]

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Barefoot Running

I remember when I first started seeing those “five-fingered” shoes on people. They looked like socks or something. “What are those?” I finally asked an acquaintance one day. He had worn a pair to a party. “Oh, they’re my running shoes. I didn’t have time to change,” he replied. Sure he didn’t. I was [...]

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Working Out

Exercise out is pretty simple. Whittled down to basics, it’s just any activity that burns calories and builds muscle. And sure, you can make it harder if you want, by giving it more structure, creating a schedule, setting goals and competing with others, but ultimately, all exercise really is, is movement. Simple. Similarly, [...]

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