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IBS Diet Tips — Eat This, Not That

Inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) occurs when some or all of the intestinal tract becomes inflamed. Ulcerative colitis affects the large intestine, but Crohn’s disease can cause inflammation at any part of the intestine. Although IBS symptoms can make life miserable, there is hope to be found through creating an IBS [...]

Eat This, Not That: Workout Breakfast Edition

As millions of people head to the gym to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions to exercise every day, they often neglect the one thing (other than persistence) that can make or break their workout: breakfast. Breakfast is an important meal for many reasons, but it becomes crucial on the mornings [...]

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Eat This, Not That: A Pain-Healthy Diet

In addition to a comprehensive treatment plan that includes exercise and a combination of therapies that could include minimally-invasive interventions and over-the-counter or prescription medications, your doctor may prescribe a pain-healthy diet for your chronic pain. What, exactly, is a pain-healthy diet? In this edition of Eat This, Not That, [...]

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Eat This, Not That: Gluten-Free Substitutes For Your Favorite Foods

Whether you have found out that you have celiac disease, suffer from gluten sensitivity, or your doctor has recommended that you try to limit or eliminate gluten from your diet for inflammatory bowel disease or another chronic condition, finding delicious and healthy food to eat instead of gluten can feel [...]

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