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We’re Not Taking Women In Pain Seriously Enough

As the song goes, “Everybody hurts,” but not everybody gets the same treatment. As with pay and promotions, women get short shrift when it comes to their pain being taken seriously. Women in pain get less treatment, wait longer for doctors, and generally get treated as second-class citizens. We believe [...]

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Who Gets Depression?

Who gets depression? In the U.S., poverty, race and ethnicity, domestic abuse victims, adolescents, LGBTQ, and the elderly: these groups have a higher incidence of mental health challenges due to a complicated mix of factors. One thing is certain, regardless of age and circumstance: access to quality diagnosis and treatment [...]

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Poverty Limits Medical Treatment For Chronic Pain Patients

Low-income patients with chronic pain often face hurdles accessing the care they need despite Affordable Care Act (ACA) reforms, health care experts say. Meanwhile, people living in poverty are more likely to experience pain, along with the stress, worry, and anger that worsen, or even cause, the discomfort, according to [...]

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