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Our 10 Favorite Pain Doctor Posts of 2014

This year Inside Pain has covered a wide range of topics from diet to exercise to new research to breakthroughs in pain research. Here are ten of our favorite Pain Doctor posts this year. 1. Float Tanks And Chronic Pain Far from the sensory deprivation tanks used to isolate and traumatize [...]

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Discussing Nerve Pain In October

This month on PainDoctor.com, we focused on the subject of nerve pain--in all of its varying forms and treatment methods. Through an in-depth coverage of this topic, we've hoped to shed some light on the many types of nerve pain, as well as how those with nerve pain can find [...]

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Top Risk Factors For Diabetes

Diabetes is the body’s inability to make or effectively use insulin, a hormone that helps the body utilize glucose for energy. There are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that only occurs in women who are pregnant, and it [...]

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Pinterestin’ Boards For Diabetic Patients

Pinterest is an online tool for “pinning” images and websites, much like a corkboard you might keep in your kitchen to tack up family pictures, recipes, interesting quotes, or to-do lists. Previously, people used the bookmark function on their computers to set aside websites for future reference, but many times [...]

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Effects of Opioids on Diabetes

Watch This Report On The Relationship Between Opioids And Diabetes People with diabetes are often plagued by acute and chronic pain. According to an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, four out of ten adults with Type 2 diabetes suffer from pain. Whether because of diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, [...]