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Sin-Free Spicy Brownies

Delicious Spicy Brownies Chocolate contains antioxidants – which protect the body from cancer and heart disease-causing free radicals – and flavonoids, which help reduce blood pressure. To celebrate the month of love, try one of these two recipes containing chocolate. both are healthy and may add some spice to your [...]

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Rose Water Scented Couscous

How To Make Rose Water Scented Couscous This vibrantly colored, satisfying breakfast is inspired by Moroccan ingredients. Couscous cooks quickly and provides a fun change from the usual breakfast grains. Citrus segments are arranged atop a fluffy bed of this couscous flavored with the Moroccan touch of cinnamon and rose [...]

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Coffee-Baked Sweet Potatoes

How To Make Coffee-Baked Sweet Potatoes This technique for roasting sweet potatoes on a tray of coffee beans infuses the vegetables with the subtle aroma of earth and spice, with just a hint of freshly brewed coffee essence. Tangy crème fraîche, lime zest, and cilantro brighten the dish while spices [...]

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