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Recipe: No-Bake Healthy Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is an ingredient that plays an interesting role relative to migraine prevention. Chocolate contains caffeine, which in large doses, can actually cause severe headaches, as well as anxiety and irritability. Yuck! However, in small quantities, that same caffeine can help the body absorb pain medication faster, once a migraine [...]

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Try out this Easy Flourless Chocolate Cake

Let Them Eat Cake Try out this Easy Flourless Chocolate Cake By Jess O’Toole This cake is for chocolate lovers. Seek out the best quality chocolate you can find (go for 70-85% cacao solids in the dark chocolate). The recipe is absolutely foolproof, super simple and can be made entirely [...]

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Sin-Free Spicy Brownies

Delicious Spicy Brownies Chocolate contains antioxidants – which protect the body from cancer and heart disease-causing free radicals – and flavonoids, which help reduce blood pressure. To celebrate the month of love, try one of these two recipes containing chocolate. both are healthy and may add some spice to your [...]

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Health Benefits of Chocolate

Everyone knows too much chocolate has a negative effect on your waistline, but the health benefits of chocolate are numerous, too. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and other chemicals that can have really positive effects on your body. For example, the antioxidants found in chocolate can help your body’s cells [...]

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