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34 Powerful Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Pain Patients

Seeing a chiropractor isn't just about getting your back cracked. (Though it feels sooooo good.) When you find the right chiropractor, you'll also see benefits of chiropractic care that range from reducing your pain to improving your mood to saving you money. 34 powerful benefits of chiropractic care for pain [...]

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30 Frequently-Asked Questions About Seeing A Chiropractor

Looking for pain relief? Find answers to some of our patient's (and we're guessing your) most frequently asked questions about visiting a chiropractor. Since 1895 when D.D. Palmer first successfully adjusted a patient suffering from a cardiovascular illness, chiropractic care for pain has been a weapon in the arsenal for [...]

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Why Pregnancy Back Pain Occurs (And What To Do About It!)

It’s no secret that pregnancy brings sweeping changes in a woman’s body from head to toe, but what about from front to back? Approximately 75% of pregnant women experience some degree of pregnancy back pain. Here’s why, and here’s what to do about it. Why pregnancy back pain occurs It [...]

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Spinal Manipulation: The Answer To Low Back Pain?

Low back pain impacts every facet of daily life. From the moment you put your feet on the floor in the morning until you tuck them into the covers at night, your low back is working hard to support your body throughout the day. Pain in this region of the [...]

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13 Best Treatments For Low Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most wide-spread pain conditions in the U.S, with approximately 80-90% of the population experiencing it at some point in their life. Fortunately, there are many different treatments for low back pain. Here are 13 of our favorites. 1. Get a proper diagnosis With X-rays [...]

Discussing Nerve Pain In October

This month on, we focused on the subject of nerve pain--in all of its varying forms and treatment methods. Through an in-depth coverage of this topic, we've hoped to shed some light on the many types of nerve pain, as well as how those with nerve pain can find [...]

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Causes And Risk Factors For Hip Bursitis

There are many causes of hip pain, but the most common cause is hip bursitis. The hip joint contains several fluid-filled sacs called bursa that cushion bones and reduce friction in the joints and tendons. When these bursae become irritated or inflamed, the result is hip pain. Trochanteric bursitis is [...]

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Headache Treatments: Beyond The Pharmacy

Many people reach automatically for over-the-counter medicines for their occasional headaches, but what types of treatments are available for people who experience migraine pain or more frequent headaches that interfere with everyday life? There are prescription medications available, but there are also other headache treatments that can be used to [...]

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Chiropractic Tips – Stretching

Stretching Guidelines For Pain Relief At Pain Doctor, we adhere to a mulch-disciplinary approach to pain management. Within this cohesive design, chiropractic care is an excellent option available to you. Here are some tips recommended by Pain Doctor qualified chiropractors to assist you in pain relief and management at home. [...]

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