How To Pick The Best Present For The Amazing Caregiver In Your Life

Caregivers make the world go ‘round. For chronic pain patients, caregivers vastly improve the quality of their lives, from simple things like running errands to more involved tasks when the pain flares up. But caregivers are in a dangerous occupation. The estimated 44 million caregivers offering unpaid help to a [...]

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue In Caregivers

When a family member is diagnosed with a chronic illness, the shock can be substantial. In those first months after diagnosis, family members and caregivers are busy learning about the condition and coordinating treatment. Little thought is given to what happens after the routine of care is established, and caregivers [...]

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How-To Help A Loved One With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a life-changing diagnosis. Inflammation in the intestine, either centered in the large intestine, as in the case of ulcerative colitis, or in many areas along the digestive tract, as with Crohn’s disease, causes symptoms that are painful and cause physical discomfort and embarrassment. Those with [...]

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