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What Is Transdermal Magnesium, And Can It Help Pain?

People experiencing chronic pain are often desperate for relief. After trying prescription medications, nerve blocks, complementary medicine, and sometimes even surgery with no relief, they may be willing to try nearly anything for even the smallest reduction in pain. For some, this search for relief has led them to transdermal [...]

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Like most things in moderation, inflammation is not necessarily negative when it is activated appropriately. When our bodies are injured, inflammation helps protect the site of the injury, cushioning the area from further damage. Blood flow increases to the injured area, producing swelling, and white blood cells flock to fight [...]

Cancer Pain

Treatment of cancer pain can be very complicated, depending on whether the cancer itself or a related condition is causing the pain. To understand what can be involved with cancer pain and why it occurs, it’s important to understand the basics about what cancer is and how it behaves. Cancer [...]

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