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Money Woes Could Actually Be Creating More Pain

The past decade has been a difficult one in the U.S. The Great Recession caused financial uncertainty that lingers still for some people even as the overall financial picture of the country brightens. During this time, researchers noticed changes in two trends: an increase in uneasiness about people’s financial security [...]

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5 Ways To Find Funds For Alternative Treatments

Finding funds for alternative care treatments is arguably the most challenging part of treating a chronic condition. Many insurance companies are now covering a limited number of some types of treatments (e.g., chiropractic care), but for most alternative treatments, patients remain responsible for the full cost. Research as to the [...]

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Eat This, Not That: Fibromyalgia Edition (On A Budget!)

Eating with fibromyalgia or another pain condition can be challenging at times, especially on a budget. In this edition of Eat This, Not That, we focus on swaps that are easy to make and easy on the paycheck. Instead of: Buying gluten-free bread Many doctors suggest eliminating gluten from the [...]

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