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Why Are Chronic Pain And Mental Health Related? (And How To Cope)

We all know the dip we experience in our mood when we suffer from a minor injury, say, a fall that leads to scuffed knees and palms. This might be a brief bad mood, but what about when an injury or condition leads to chronic pain? It makes sense that [...]

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10 Of The Best Weighted Blankets For Adults With Anxiety

If you've heard of weighted blankets, and think they could help with your anxiety or pain condition, read on for our recommendations for the best weighted blankets for adults. What is a weighted blanket? A weighted blanket is a blanket that has sand or plastic or glass beads sewn into [...]

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How Adult Coloring Books Can Help Pain Patients

Coloring used to be an activity reserved for small children in elementary grades, but these days adult coloring books are topping bestseller lists and flying off the shelves. Turns out, coloring and adult coloring books may have therapeutic benefits for many different conditions, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The [...]

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What You Need To Know About Mental Health Issues For Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder that affects approximately 12 million people in the U.S. This chronic disorder causes aches and pains in the body that are severe enough to impact normal activity and disrupt sleep. If those symptoms weren't enough, however, fibromyalgia also often causes mental health issues for many patients. [...]

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How Domestic Violence Causes Real Pain And Mental Stress

Domestic violence is a serious issue that goes far beyond one person physically abusing another. When an abused person is finally able to escape their abuser, the scars of that trauma are much more than skin-deep. The stress and pain of domestic violence have far-reaching mental and emotional consequences that [...]

15 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

A recent study released by the Health Behavior News Service, part of the Center for Advancing Health, has confirmed what many already experience: chronic pain sufferers are more likely to have anxiety than the rest of the population. While depression and its link to chronic pain has been well-established in [...]

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Chronic Pain And Anxiety – What’s The Connection?

Chronic pain and anxiety are deeply connected conditions that often feed upon each other. While researchers found that those with chronic pain are more likely to have anxiety, new studies are also looking at the prevalence of anxiety in general in the U.S. and how that might even be causing [...]

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4 Reasons You Should Be Meditating If You Have Chronic Pain

Meditation, specifically mindfulness meditation, is having a moment in medical news. From Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes profile on mindfulness meditation to schools implementing mindfulness training to help students deal with stress and anxiety, meditation is gaining ground as a complementary treatment for chronic conditions, including pain. Mindfulness meditation asks a [...]

Treating Back Pain With Counseling

When suffering from back pain, most people’s first response is to take an over-the-counter pain medication. If that doesn’t reduce the pain, a physician can prescribe a stronger medication, a physical therapist can suggest specific exercises, or trained specialists can do various types of alternative therapies, like chiropractic adjustment or [...]

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Rural Healthcare: Many Problems, 1 Solution?

Of the many issues in healthcare, 1 of the most problematic is access. For both men and women, rural healthcare continues to be lacking in both quantity and quality. Many people in rural areas find that locating a qualified physician for even their most basic needs is nearly impossible, and specialists [...]

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